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Google Search Launcher Ideal For Portable Apps

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Google Search Launcher Ideal For Portable Apps

Google Web Search Launcher this freeware is ideal for Portable Apps it can be easy included into a Portable Apps Package.
Portable Google Web Search Launcher works on almost any windows no need to install run the executable and you are ready to go, and it is a fantastic choice for users who want to improve internet searching and translations.

With this intuitive Web Search Launcher internet users can search google with precision they only have to select text on any kind of websites or programs and then choose one of the google search buttons or other search engines buttons and viola the search results or translate is completed.
The Users can repeat this by doing clicking on other search or translate buttons so that they can examine the results and then self choose the best search or translation results.

The Power of this Launcher Tool is that Beginners and professionals can do google query searches with precision's
they can enable or disable in the settings very quick some check boxes:
Phase Search, intitle Search, inurl Search, intext Search, search by date, search by extension .com/.org/.net/.info/.edu, and you can choose how many search results you want, and many more.
(and with the special google parameters insert tool the users can exclude or include words or putting his own google parameters.)
(for example: [-andoid -linux +windows +software] and then all the selection search will be done with these settings.)

download zipfile:

Note: in the zip file you will find the executable file WebSearchLauncher.exe
and it is allowed to put this executable file into any kind of Portable Apps Packages File (paf.exe)
Please consider making a portableApps version.

We believe that this freeware can break an evolutionary record in how users in the future can do the translations and searches on the internet.

You already now that you can type in the search bar and then can do a google search by clicking on the search button.

We did make a magic launcher where all users can select text in any websites or in any programs
after that they can choose what search engines buttons they want to click on.

What is so special on this Launcher compared with other software?

1 – Beginners and Professionals can search on google with precisions they only need to enable some
Check boxes (Phase search,Intitle search,inurl search,intext search,inanchor search
Search by date,search by extensions,how many results do you want, and many more)
After that they can get better google search results from any selected text.
2 – The users can stay on website or programs and then get the search results into a second browser.
(This way you can select again without loosing the active website)
3 – The users can do searches and translations from out different search engines.