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I do not pack a cell phone (makes me feel like I have a leash and collar around my neck) but I have a need to keep in touch. And, since I now am in up to my hips in PortableApps I do everything I can centered on being portable.'s what I have put in place. I downloaded the FREE software Audio Caller ID from this URL:

This software acts like an answering machine but allows the user to block numbers (kind of like what the "DO NOT CALL" list was supposed to do). But, what it also does is email (with callerid) any phone call that arrives on my home pc. It does not email the phone message itself but I prefer this anyway since I also have a real phone answering service placed behind my pc that I can call for my messages.
The email goes to my Thunderbird portable on whatever machine I am leaching on for the moment.

Once I get the phone email and if am not by a phone (I'm a teacher so I float from class to class) I could use SKYPE to call via the machine I am on -or- I can use the FREE (at least for the moment and if you are in the U.S.) VOIpStunt portable client from the URL:

Works great and is really cheap. (FREE)

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Although Cell phones have

Although Cell phones have revolutionized the communication media but telephone also haven't lost its value. There are lot of facilities in telephone as well. We can use hosted PBX in telephone which allows us to manage calls but we can't do this thing on mobile. Therefore, telephone is also necessary as much as the mobile phone is.

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