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A portable browser to run java applets

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A portable browser to run java applets

There are a bunch of very old sites I use from time to time for teaching that contain some nice java applets. My workplace has now stopped installing java on our machines so the ie11 pathway is now blocked.

I tried installing seamonkey 2.49.5 with jportable on a platform. Seamonkey knows about jportable because it shows up in the about-> plugins screen but all that gets rendered on a page like this is a blank box where the applet should be.

I was thinking of getting an old version of chromium or something like that. Maybe the internet has a better solution? Thanks for reading.

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Not easy to do

No current browser supports Java applets as far as I am aware, and Chrome & Firefox haven't supported them in 3+ years, so you would require a VERY outdated and insecure browsers to do what you need.

If you have the ability to install a VM you could download one of Microsoft's images with IE11 in which you can install Java yourself, but that would require admin rights to do.

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