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Thunderbird messed up folders

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Thunderbird messed up folders

Hello everyone.

A couple of weeks ago I formated my PC and used a backup of my "appdata" folder to run thunderbird portable. Just placed the data from profile folder and it was working smoothly untill today.

- I shutdown my PC and removed a drive that was used for gaming
- Reconnected everything and powered my PC. Screen was black. Made a couple of hard resets.
- C: drive failed. (possibly boot sector)
- Moved my crashed C: to another PC and got my Thunderbird folder
- Formated the C: drive and installed windows
- Placed the thunderbird folder in that new installation.
- It run once then it didn't tried again and again to run it and now all my folders are messed up

Emails missing, folders with strange names, folders that are empty

Please guys someone need to help me please. I went through hell two days ago to clean up and put everything in categories. Even a backup I tried it does the same thing. Messes up everything.

Any ideas?

edit: folders are there and emails seem to be there. Only either they are not showing inside thunderbird or are messed up names etc.

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Corrupted MSF files

I've often seen this happen when MSF files are corrupted. Those are the indexes Thunderbird uses to track what's in the bigger email files of the same name. Deleting the MSF files will usually fix it. Make sure you've got a backup first.

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Is it possible to change the

Is it possible to change the default setting for columns (size and preferred ones) to avoid some changes?

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update 68 crashed add on LocalFolders

Dear users,
das Update 60.9.1 auf 68... die Folderstruktur. von Add on LocalFolders.
Die Local Folders sind nun am Ende.
Best Regards

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