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KompoZer and Nvu

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KompoZer and Nvu

Could somebody please explain to me the difference between KompoZer and Nvu? They look similar, but in NVU you can access other toolbars, whereas with KompoZer you can access the CSS editor more easily. Also, with Nvu, (running as a normal app) you can change the font from Couriur New to something more readable.

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KompoZer is made to be the sequel of NVU. It contains various bugfixes and new features.
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I've just downloaded both

I've just downloaded both Nvu and Kompozer

but the Kompozer installer says Komposer and Nvu.

Is there need to run the Nvu installer if it's included in Komposer?



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Use one or the other

I would only use one or the other. I have used Kompozer and like it.

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