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Actual versions of ScummVM and ResidualVM (game interpreters)

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Actual versions of ScummVM and ResidualVM (game interpreters)

I am aware this has been requested some times before and there have been attempts to make portable versions of ScummVM and ResidualVM. But to the best of my knowledge all these versions have stalled at some point in the past and even the most advanced attemts by "darksabre76" have not been updated for some time and releases.
ScummVM ( and its sister project ResidualVM ( started as interpreters for LucasArts Point-and-Click-adventures. But during their development they have gone far beyond that scope and become interpreters for a variety of games, that could otherwise not be played on modern OSs.
They are open source, participate regularly in GSoC, are actively developed but do no official releases to often.
Therfor I would appriciate newer portable versions of these to softwares and would like to suggest to integrate these into the official PortableApps canon as they should not require to much attention at once they are working.
Thanks for considering and discussion.