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"-no-deelevate" as user_pref() ? For PortableApps Firefox?

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"-no-deelevate" as user_pref() ? For PortableApps Firefox?

As you know it is NOT possible (any more) to drag & drop URLs from Firefox to Windows Explorer in newer Firefox any more.

As a solution serves the commandline flag "-no-deelevate".

So when users call

D:\tools\firefox.exe -no-deelevate

Drag & Drop is possible again.

Ok, now I installed Firefox Portable from PortableApps: ... x_portable

Here users do not call firefox.exe directly.
Instead FirefoxPortable.exe is launched which in turn calls indirectly in a second step the actual firefox.exe


D:\tools\FFPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe -no-deelevate

does NOT pass/forward the "-no-deelevate" flag to firefox.exe

Hmm. Is there a workaround?

How can I force FirefoxPortable to pass -no-deelevate to firefox.exe?

Is there a user_pref() in about:config which sets the flag accordingly?

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Anything you pass is passed along. But it is passed with what is already included like -profile etc. I'd wager it is ignored when a certain combination of flags is passed.

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it works, read the docs


Add that to FirefoxPortable.ini - this works, been using it since the change about three (I think) releases ago. If you don't have such a file, which should reside next to your FirefoxPortable.exe .. then a sample one is provided in "\Other\Source\"

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