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Teamviewer 15.x does not run on Windows XP

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Teamviewer 15.x does not run on Windows XP

Portableapps web site says 15.x supports Windows XP - it doesn't. According to the Teamviewer web site, the last version supporting WIndows XP is 14.2 (due to the change in the encryption used). You can use a Teamviewer 15.x to connect/control to Teamviewer 14.x. Teamviewer 15.x won't even start on my neighbor's XP machine. You can NOT connect/control Teamviewer 15.x from Teamviewer 14.x
The links are:

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This has been fixed. Note that we rely on users such as yourself to advise us when publishers drop support for older operating systems as this is often not something that publishers advise of themselves.

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