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Portable Help files

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Portable Help files

I seen one post about the help files, but says to install them on local machine then copy to portable. I don't have it local and don't want to. How do I get the help files and or tutorials if any, to my portable version ? I downloaded the .msi but that's local/windows right?

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Old Instructions for Offline Help Here

The instructions are a bit old. Whether or not they will work for recent versions of LibreOffice I do not know. If it was me I would make a copy of the LibreOfficePortable install folder and test out getting offline help to work from within that copy.

Good luck.

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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What Abraxian

Said applies, but years ago, there was a bundled .paf help file installer for Libre office. You might browse the SourceForge archives for it.

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