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DSynchronized detected as virus. Again.

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DSynchronized detected as virus. Again.

Here is summary of findings from Windows Security...
Threat detected:Trojan:Win32/Azden.B!cl
Alert level:Severe
Date:11.5.2020. 11:05
Details:This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

Affected items:
file: C:\Bin\PortableApps\DSynchronizePortable\App\DSynchronize\DSynchronize.exe

Not the first time. It would be interesting to find out what exactly caused hopefully false positive.

Ken Herbert
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You can verify false positives yourself

On the app's page just under the download button there is the Antivirus Scan link (here is the one for DSynchronize).

That page includes a link directly to VirusTotal for the current version.

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Reported as malware by 4 AV's

Reported as malware by 4 AV's on virustotal.

Here's a sandbox analysis of the app as well:

I'll bet it's this triggering the false positives: "Shell_TrayWnd" (Taskbar window class may be used to inject into explorer with the SetWindowLong method) and "DSynchronize.exe" searching for class "Shell_TrayWnd"

I think this is how DSynchronize is trying to create a systray icon in the taskbar.

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