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Can't recover documents after crash

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Can't recover documents after crash

After a crash (or windows update reboot), Libreoffice is unable to recover previously open files. It says recover file is corrupted or not found. I have looked in the libreoffice temp folder and confirmed that there are files there, but they have zero size. Has anyone experienced this problem and is there any known fix?

This is using the latest version of windows 10 where Libreoffice is installed on an alternate partition of the main drive (not on a USB stick). The temp folder is on the main C:\ drive partition.

Thank you.

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Post in OpenOffice/LibreOffice Forums

You will have a better chance of getting help with this if you post in OpenOffice or LibreOffice forums.

This is an OpenOffice forum but they will happily deal with questions related to LibreOffice too (and they are pretty good at doing so as some of the people that inhabit that forum actually use OpenOffice and LibreOffice):

This is the official LibreOffice forum. It is not well laid out (hence, when I run into troubles I prefer the OpenOffice forum):

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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