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CHDIR: Parent

i am reworking some of my own software so that they work from the PortableApps menu.

problem: when you click a link on the menu, it does NOT change to the directory that contains the exe.

for example:


if i manually change in to the sample folder and double click test.exe it runs FROM the sample folder.

but if i launch test.exe from the PortableApps Start Menu, it is NOT changing to the sample folder --- instead it is running from the B:\PortableApps\ folder, the same location as StartPortableApps.exe.

most of my apps rely on being run from their current location and depend on existing sub-folders and files to work normally.

can this behavior be changed so the PortableApps Start Menu does a CHDIR to the parent folder containing the EXE that is going to be launched?

this would avoid me having to re-build all of my past EXE's and should have no negative impact AT ALL on existing apps designed for PortableApps.

let me know asap!



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Wait a couple of days

till the new version of the menu comes out or use the beta2.
Its only beta3 who has this problem.

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