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3DNA was once a Virtual Desktop alternative to Windows & has a little cult-following by those such as myself who miss its unique adaptation of a windows desktop environment. Our wish is to have this now old-school application to be born again as a Portable Apps program. The original creators of this program are long-gone although I caught a clue while sailing the web with a gentle breeze that one of the 3DNA creators is now ivolved in oculus vr development. Anyway, hopefully this cool concept of a program is ok to go since it's of no modern commercial consequence & yet is still really well suited to the Portable Apps platform plus it would be an exciting addition to the collection!!

I have a copy of the free '3DNA Loft' version plus a crack-attempt of the '3DNA Ultimate' version (with haker notes found in the ReadMe) - this one has all the 10+ 3DNA Desktop environments so would be the best version to make a Portable App with. Feel free to contact me on: if you want a copy.

Help us preserve this monumental old-school antique piece of software for the enjoyment of present & future generations to forever enjoy!!!