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Portable Harddrive to run Portable & U3 applications

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Portable Harddrive to run Portable & U3 applications

Hello all,

I am currently a user of the portable application suite. I realy like it. However, as some have concerns (so di I) about the number of writes one can do on flash memory I would like to be able to install the portable application software on a portable harddrive. I know that is posible, however I have some applications from U3 and what I do want to know if it is posible to run U3 applications from a non U3 device, whilst there are only flash drives available.

Summary: Is it posible to run U3 application on a non-U3 device (portable harddisk)?

Thanks for any help at all,

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Here is a Howto to make a u3- Trillian to run on a normal Usb drive.
I never tried it, but maybe the same procedure works with other apps, too.

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