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Pidgin Portable 2.14.1 Dev Test 1

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Pidgin Portable 2.14.1 Dev Test 1

This app update has been officially released

This release switches Pidgin Portable from a custom launcher to a more full featured PA.c Launcher
and includes a fix for Bug 42603. This will upgrade an existing version or can be manually installed alongside. Please backup before testing. And please let me know if this is working as expected for you. Thanks!

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15MB download / 29-73MB installed
MD5: 50e79e673846f8a80adcb9bf1b4a6c91
SHA256: 156488d6c5b5ae8a3d833e634612d6ba928ed513130137517cf23dc7eb110dec

Release History:
2020-06-12: 2.14.1 Dev Test 1 - Switch to PA.c Launcher, enchant custom dictionary handling, improved portability