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AVS Video Editor

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AVS Video Editor

I see portable for a few AVS programs but none for AVS Video Editor or comparable, I like to edit a lot of dvd's to make them more family oriented. So can AVS Video Editor be made portable or an equivalent?

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Only one tiny drawback

As much as I'd love to see every free video editor program portable... and especially stealth and still supporting 32-bit Windows XP, there's only one tiny drawback about this one in particular. I haven't tried this program yet, but I refused to do so because of this:

The non-activated version of the program has no function limitations, although the watermark banner will be placed in the centre of the output video file.

So I'm afraid to say that having our exported videos ruined with an unwanted and annoying watermark banner plastered in front of them isn't what I would view this program as "freeware"... it's a bit of crippleware, in my opinion.

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Portable AVS4YOU Software AIO Package
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Portable AVS Video Editor 9.1

New Download Portable For Portable AVS Video Editor 9.1 -

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