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VSCode Portable 1.0.0 Dev Test 12 (Online Install)

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VSCode Portable 1.0.0 Dev Test 12 (Online Install)

Application: Visual Studio Code
Category: Development

Visual Studio Code is a free source-code editor made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Features include support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git. Users can change the theme, keyboard shortcuts, preferences, and install extensions that add additional functionality.

VSCode Portable 1.0.0 Dev Test 12 [x64] (1 ± 80 MB download | ± 220 MB installed)
MD5: 558E5864EF0C777F3E4E802AB2811508

VSCode Portable 1.0.0 Dev Test 12 [x86] (1 ± 80 MB download | ± 220 MB installed)
MD5: E163BF57F9AB9E27B22AA8DF1B9D978E

Dev Test 11 (and newer) has different data location than the previous release (Data to App\VSCode\Data). Don't try to upgrade (from previous release) since it's incompatible, use fresh install instead.

1) Completely portable without using native portable mode or extra parameters. You can even launch Code.exe directly (as secondary instances) and their data will still be kept in VSCodePortable\Data\Code folder. No need to worry about extensions that directly launch non-portable instances of VSCode anymore! Concept from CrazyMax's VSCode. (Not working on some tested sytems and has problem managing multiple instances)
2) Supports some portable development environments (MinGW, Python, Java, and Git). You don't need to modify PATH variable manually anymore. By default it will look for CommonFiles folder (e.g. CommonFiles\MinGW, CommonFiles\Java) on the parent directory of VSCodePortable.
3) Virtualized user environments. By default, USERPROFILE, APPDATA, and LOCALAPPDATA will be redirected to VSCodePortable\Data\Virtual folder. So you can leave almost no trace on your current system and just need to copy VSCodePortable folder in case you want to use it again on another computer. Simply disable this behaviour by editing VSCodePortable.ini. (Other apps launched by VSCodePortable (e.g. web browser) will also be virtualized, which is bad for some people)
4) Disabled telemetry, crash reporter, auto update (also for extensions), and other tweaks by using settings.json file.

Dev Test 1,2,3,4 - Published on my GitHub but not here (now abandoned).
Dev Test 5 - First release on this forum. All known issues fixed. No prepackaged extension.
Dev Test 6 - Fixed some typos. Now using online installer (separated for x86 and x64).
Dev Test 7 - Removed PROGRAMDATA from [Environment] section (in VSCodePortable.ini) due to unexpected behaviour on some systems.
Dev Test 8,9,10 - Personal experimental builds, never published online. USERPROFILE and APPDATA will no longer be redirected to Data\Virtual folder (removed all kind of virtual environments, use Docker or similar apps instead). Removed deprecated settings.
Dev Test 11 - Major changes. Use native portable mode for VSCode (VSCode data will now be written to App\VSCode\Data). This is to prevent portability issue caused by extensions that try to launch its own VSCode instance(s). Removed leftovers created by specific extensions & development environments (Java and C++).
Dev Test 12 - Fixed download description on installer (x86 descripted as x64). Added shortcuts on Data folder (which point to App\VSCode\Data\user-data and App\VSCode\Data\extensions). Added manual Cleanup.cmd script on Other folder.

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Updated to 1.0.0 Dev Test 6

Changelog on the first post.

In case any of you want to modify it and make your own version for VSCodium, I will happily allow it. I may also make one in the (long) future but no promise.

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Visual Studio Codium

Hi, thanks for all your work! Times ago I read vscode wasn't ported already, because of some internal metric stuff and similar. I want to suggest the Visual Studio Codium project, if it could be helpful.

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Sorry for the late reply

Apparently Makazz already made one in the past. It has fewer features compared to my release, though. Just tell me again if you need the exact same features (auto detect DE, etc) but for VSCodium.

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