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For those who use Packagefactory for U3

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For those who use Packagefactory for U3

If you use the free version of Packagefactory for U3, you know that "U3 build by" is added your program's description. I have figured out a way to remove this "tag" for those that do not want it. Here's how:

First, go to My Computer, Tools>Folder Options, and select the View tab, and make sure that "Hide extensions for known file types" is unchecked. If it is, uncheck it and click ok.

Now, go to the file you created with Packagefactory. I'll refer to it as sample.u3p for this instruction, but your's will be the name you gave your program. Rename sample.u3p to You may get a popup asking you if your really want to change the file extension, choose yes. You should now be able to open your sample.u3p/.zip file in your favorite zip program (I use WinRar). Once you have opened it, there will be a Manifest folder. Inside the Manifest folder, there is a file called manifest.u3i. Open this file in Notepad (on my computer, it automatically does this. If it does not for you, you will have to open Notepad, and drag/drop the manifest.u3i file into Notepad to open it. You should not have to extract manifest.u3i to edit it. Do not close the file after opening the manifest.u3i file, keep it open.

Once you have opened manifest.u3i in Notepad, find this line:
"your description" [U3 build by]

Delete [U3 build by] from this line, and close the file, when prompted to save, choose save. You should now be prompted to update your zip archive. Choose Yes, or the equivalent of Yes in your zip program. Once has updated, you can close it. Go back to your file and rename it from back to sample.u3p. You can now install your program as normal and you will no longer have the "tag" in your description!

If you have already installed your program, you can still remove the "tag". Just find your .u3p file in the System>"yourprogramIDnumber" folder and follow the above steps. You will, however, have to eject and re-insert your U3 drive to see the changes if you do this.

Note: Please only do this for your personal apps. If you use Packagefactory for U3 to make programs that you distribute, please register for $39.95 at

Another Note: Remember to go to My Computer, Tools>Folder Options, select the View tab, and check "Hide extensions for known file types", and click OK after you have finished.