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Apps still running

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Apps still running

Hello. All the software is updated. Win 10 1809 x64. Very fast computer Smile

Today I tried the platform for the first time. (Long time user of the portable apps) I use start.exe. I downloaded a couple of apps (Foxit PDF reader, Qbittorrent) as well as copied some existing apps to the platform dir (Thunderbird, etc). All of them are in the list. I launch them from the platform from SSD. I toggled "close apps when the platform is closed".

But when I want to restart or shutdown my PC and have all the apps automatically closed (this is why I want to use the platform), I keep getting this error : "Apps still running (list of apps)". This is true for all and any app. Moreover, some of them will not close even after several minutes. Still can be seen in the Task Manager and must be force closed.

I explored the old messages. Some users reported this error, but platform update solved it. My ver. is the latest one. What do you think can be the problem? Thank you