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My OBS settings profile keeps getting removed when I close out of OBS.

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My OBS settings profile keeps getting removed when I close out of OBS.

Each time I open up OBS portable, my setting profiles are gone and I have to import in my backups. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Having the same issue

Has anyone found a solution to this. The as copy of the config path gets copied to the PortableApps\OBSPortable\Data\ structure and then the PortableApps\OBSPortable\App\obs-studio\config path is removed upon closing the app. I'm not sure if that is normal operations but if it is the config path is not getting copied back from the Data path to the App\obs-studio path upon opening the app so when you close it the Data\config path is overwritten again with the default data. If you copy in the config path (from a backup) to PortableApps\OBSPortable\App\obs-studio before opening the app it is okay again, until you close the app and then we start the whole process over.

Gord Caswell
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Copy to Data\config

if you're copying settings in before launching, copy them to the Data\config folder, this gets moved to App\obs--studio\config at runtime.

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Any solutions?

The folder keeps getting deleted. I've been attempting to create two instances of OBS with their own settings and folders. However, I haven't been able to do so because the folder keeps getting removed.

John T. Haller
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Don't Run Both

If you run both at the same time, they'll mess each other up. And ONLY run them from the OBSPortable.exe launcher. Don't associate them or pin them to the taskbar yourself or you'll run them in non-portable mode and they'll also mess each other up.

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