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Portableapps Icon

I have a simple request to make about the icon that brings up the portableapps menu. Most of the time I cannot open it (a second time that is) since the... what was the name... active program icons (on the right hand side of the task bar)... something like that, since they are blocked off at my local library. They do not let anyone use those buttons, thus I cannot use portableapps, but once when it first starts.

I was hoping that it could be changed to the be a normal task bar icon, or at least letting the using set the option of how the program is to appear in the task bar.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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I believe the ability to

I believe the ability to have PAM show in the task bar is planned for a future release.

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Next release

The next release, in fact.

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When is the next release

When is the next release going to come out?


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Ben, Ben , Ben

tsk, tsk, tsk. Don't ya know that you can;t expect opensource software to have due dates for releases, since it is mostly a volunteer thing so as John would say: it's done when it's done. Or something

I know I don;t like it either....

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