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VideoPad portable

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VideoPad portable

Hi everyone,
is it possible to make a portable version of VideoPad? I really like that video editor and it would be really convenient for me to have a portable version on my USB stick with my other portable apps.

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Nice pick!

Ah, yes...! The ONLY decent video editor (that I know of) that still supports Windows XP... unlike the XP, Vista, and 32-bit Linux haters (the developers) from OpenShot and Shotcut.

I knew it was only a matter of time until this request was made, so I'd like this app to be made portable too. However, I'm not sure if the Team approves or not... due to this whole licensing/open or close sourced/whatever mumbo jumbo.

Even if they approve, making this app portable is VEEERY tricky (though I was able to make it as portable and nagless as possible thanks to my CMD-scripting skills... but it's NOT 100% perfect).

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