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Chrome Portable and Portable Passwords Issue

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Chrome Portable and Portable Passwords Issue


I managed to set up portable passwords (GoogleChromePortable.ini with proper settings near the Launcher) but I have an issue with it. Before I made this settings there were 4 passwords stored in Chrome. After adding the portable passwords I try to add another, 5th password. It stores fine until I run Chrome under another OS. After Chrome starts I go to the settings and see this message

Some settings were reset

After I click OK button and go to the passwords settings I see there only first 4 passwords, but 5th is forgotten!

How should I fix this?

UPD. I tested this with GCP v. 68 and seems like settings reset doesn't cause the passwords reset there. But it does for GCP v. 85 (latest).

I made some further testing and in the latest version of GCP the portable passwords are stored in a weird way - they are not listed in Google Chrome passwords settings (I think there's something in the GCP's changelog about this). It could be empty but passwords are stored. Yet all passwords are forgotten after OS switch.