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Cisco AMP for Endpoints quarantines platform 17.1 installer

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Cisco AMP for Endpoints quarantines platform 17.1 installer


our corp has just enabled a new protection software for our PCs (Cisco AMP for Endpoints). The platform installer now is recognised as a threat and is 'quarantined'. The message is the file has been detected as W32.File.MalParent.

I cannot even complete a download now before it is detected and removed, so I cannot do a scan with other software.

What's your advice? Is it worthwhile trying to contact Cisco directly?

John T. Haller
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The platform shows as clean in all major and minor virus and malware scanners save one (Jiangmin, a more obscure one that has false positives in just about everything). They don't appear to offer a way for non-customers to contact them about false positives, so it would have to come from your company.

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