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Where are Flash Games Saved in each Browser

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Where are Flash Games Saved in each Browser

I recently went the portable route with PortableApps because I was tried of having to save my data and transport it from computer to computer. I know I can log into things but sometimes I'm not on my machine and I don't want to log into things. So I now have ChromePortable, FireFoxPortable and OperaGXPortable.

I've recently been playing many Flash games and I want to back them up, just in case the USB with the PortableApps fails. I think I know where OperaGXPortable saves are--please someone correct me if I'm wrong--C:\LTsFiles\PortableAppsDotCom\PortableApps\OperaGXPortable\Data\profile\data\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash And the folders are in there.

I can't seem find my .sol files in either ChromePortable or FireFoxPortable. I've tried searching but with Windows 10 after some hours later I would get some hits but none are the folders that contain the .sol file. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

I know Flash is going to be gone after 2020 but I want to enjoy the games while they're still available. Thank you in advance.