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TuneUp utilities 2007 or norton system works 2007

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TuneUp utilities 2007 or norton system works 2007


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good joke
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Not Happening

A) Commercial Software
B) Its made by NORTON, ill believe its portable when I see it.
C) Administrator rights required

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Not so fast...

Yes, Norton is commercial, and I beleive the Tuneup Util's are also. However, I don't think the latter is made by Norton - though its interface appears to be a Norton "clone".

Norton is portable by means of the "Run Utils from CD" option that they have in the package (If it can be run from a CD, how much moreso from a USB thumb?). Those of us who've done so know that that the Run From CD Option is not the "complete package" of Norton, but a subset of some of the more common & most-used apps.

Norton is also portable - full package, AFAIK - by means of warez versions of it available on the net. These are of course, illegal, so I don't pursue it any further, being the honest bloke that I am.

Besides, I stopped being interested in ANYthing Norton a few versions back (2-3 yrs ago), once they started instituting the stupid, unethical and invasive "you must ACTIVATE this software before using" scheme. I didn't buy into that for Win XP (I found a workaround for my LEGALLY purchased and owned copy), and I'm not gonna buy into that for Norton (screw workarounds for Norton - it's not as necessary as having XP). Norton lost all my future bidness once they went down that road...

Jerks. You'd think they'd've LEARNED something from M$'s huge PR debacle of requiring "activation". Obviously, they didn't...

/end sermon

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It already is portable. I

It already is portable. I remember seeing it on there site. But you have to buy it though.


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