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portables on linux - ?

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portables on linux - ?

I am in love with your portable applications, especially firefox and openoffice. I keep unzipping them to computers where I'm not an administrator (ie school library computers). I love the fact that I can use openoffice in a university library that is in love with microsoft.

I was wondering whether you are planning to port them to linux. I would love to share the same firefox -themes, extensions, and bookmarks- (and use new openoffice without installation as my distro has the buggy beta) both in my desktop and laptop without screwing around.

thanks for the stuff. kicks a**!

PS. I found a couple of forum topics that suggest a portable linux (DSL) and one with no replies that asks the same thing. that's why I decided to post a new thread.

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John has said (methinks)

he plans to eventually. Hopefully soon
*fingers crossed*
OHOH fingers are stuck
oh well
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