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Feature request: keystroke launch

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Feature request: keystroke launch

First off, the PortableApps Menu is an excellent application. I'm actually using it as a replacement for the start menu for any of the apps I'm using. One thing I would love to see, however, is the ability to activate the menu via a keystroke. I know that kind of defeats the point of being portable, since that would somewhat require access to the system directly, but no more so than having the icon in the system tray. If there were a way to trigger the pop-up by pressing a Win+? combination, like Win+1 or something, that would be great. If we could pick our own keystroke, all the better.

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I second the motion!


I'm planning to promote PortableApps with my IT-classes, since our school's only Systems Administrator has locked up the network so profoundly he doesn't have a clue of how to unlock it again. Outsourcing the MS-Active Directory maintenance didn't do the trick either, a different 'specialist' shows up each time, stacking mess upon mess.

All this mess has led to a system tray not being accessible for my students. Starting the menu using Explorer leaves multiple instances active on the machine, and as a result terminating PortableApps without the USB-drive being active is impossible.

So I require either a hotkey combination (like Win+1, seems suitable!) or a simple detection routine in the menu launcher, checking whether PA is already up and running, and returning the active menu on screen.

Anyone writing me a tiny script program that can be run from Explorer and perfoming this would gather eternal fame with my students :cheer:

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