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Gramps Portable app and Exagear on Android

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Gramps Portable app and Exagear on Android

Hello Forum,

I am not sure if I posted this in the correct slot or not.

Here is my delima. I have an android phone that has an emulator called Exagear. I've tried using WINE but due to the configuration, it is not possible yet because of the android 8.1 OS.

Exagear will run the installer of the Gramps Portable app, but when I go to run the app, it crashes on me and wants me to report the error. The problem that I am having is trying to get that information from the exagear platform and export it somehow so that the information can be examined.

My question is has anyone used any portable apps to run in an emulator and if so, what equipment was used?

Thank you for your input.