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Real Time Corruptor Portable, Development Test 1

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Real Time Corruptor Portable, Development Test 1

Download Link:
Health Warning
Videogame corruptions can cause programs to output loud noises and flashy images. If you are prone to epileptic seizures or react strongly to flashing lights or loud noises, Do not or cease making/playing corruptions.
(Comes with Dolphin, Windows Glitch Harvester and Volume Limiter pre-installed)

Real Time Corruptor (RTC) is a program that allows you to corrupt any retro game with ease.

Disclaimer from the official site

Corrupting is an experimental hobby involving manipulation of data in a manner that glitches out programs for entertainment value. Crafting program glitches is an art form.

While RTC is built in a way that should in no way harm your computer, we cannot take responsibility for anything that should happen to your computer while using our software. Don’t corrupt system32, be smart.

Please do not in any circumstance corrupt online videogames. It will be perceived as hacking and can get you banned. Just like cheating, corrupting online games is unethical as it can harm the other players.

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I doubt a "portable" version

I doubt a "portable" version of RTC will ever be needed. The Launcher is designed to be portable from the ground up, it can be installed on an usb key if needed and doesn't write temporary files outside of its own little folder tree, no registry keys, no appdata shenanigans. Packages are also archived and can be installed offline that was needed for some reason. The entire program ecosystem has been with portability in mind.

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