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Ulitmaker Cura 3.6

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Ulitmaker Cura 3.6

Program: Ultimaker Cura 3.6

License: LGPLv3 or higher

Description: Ultimaker Cura is a state-of-the-art slicer application to prepare your 3D models for printing with a 3D printer. With hundreds of settings and hundreds of community-managed print profiles, Ultimaker Cura is sure to lead your next project to a success.


* [Uranium]( Cura is built on top of the Uranium framework.
* [CuraEngine]( This will be needed at runtime to perform the actual slicing.
* [PySerial]( Only required for USB printing support.
* [python-zeroconf]( Only required to detect mDNS-enabled printers

How to build Cura 3.6

Cura can be built with Docker.
On Windows, the following dependencies are needed for building:

git for windows (
CMake (
MinGW-W64 >= 5.3.0 (
Python 3.5 (, note that the version "3.5" is hardcoded across this project)
NumPy (
SciPy (
PySerial from
PyQt5 from
SIP from
Trimesh from
PyCollada from
Shapely from
Zeroconf from
NumPy-STL from
LibArcus from
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (community edition)
Windows & Web Development: Universal Windows App Development Tools
cx_Freeze (
NSIS 3 (
WIX Toolset (
Before make package - copy arduino to cura-build/

Personal: I prefer 3.6 over the latest. Very stable and better UI. I tried to learn to make this into a portable app but I am way over my head. I would really like to see this app for Papps. I am not sure if it is possible to be portable.
All I have done is downloaded the source file and extracted the installer.exe but I just don't understand at all what to do to get the app to run portably.
The info above in the "other" section is to give some more context on what type of program Cura is if not familiar.