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Feature Request - Get More Apps

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Feature Request - Get More Apps

For Installing new apps, currenlty the option shows as Get More apps by Title/Category/New Release/Recently Updated. When one option is selected other parameters are not available to filter. Instead of these options, If just one screen is made with a list having columns Title, Description, Category, Sub category (if possible) , Release date, Updated Date, Installed Yes/No, Size ,etc. ; User should be able to Click on the column to Sort them, search option will ease finding an app.

Shajahan K

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Gord Caswell
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EmbeddedLists limitation

This a known issue, and is a limitation of the EmbeddedLists component currently being used for the App Directory.
Searching the App Directory is an upcoming feature as listed in the Platform's Bug/Feature tracker:
No timeline is available for its implementation.

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