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suggestion: options for testers

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suggestion: options for testers


I'd like to suggest an option for those who are testing or following an app in several versions (eg:thunderbird which has many versions here and that we may want to keep in an older version while the extension store grows for the new code...)

What I would like is something that can be monitored by the updater and in a separate place.

-for the updater, I propose to have a checkbox under "on platform startup" in updater tab in the option
(I think it would be better if this box remains unclickable, grayed out, and can only be activated if "show advanced apps [beta, test, etc]" in the App store tab is checked...)
-for the place: I think it should be possible to separate them from X:\PortableApps\App.
so we would need an another directory X:\PortableApps\AppBetaTest
(so that it can be monitored by the updater too. after reading this in the pinned message, I think it can only be a subdirectory...)

I think it could be useful in several cases...because for the moment we need to have a manually managed directory for the different versions and a rss flow monitoring for the test versions (which is not practical when the tools already exist to automate it)

Thank you for taking this request into consideration,