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DB Browser for SQLite (Mixed Problems)

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DB Browser for SQLite (Mixed Problems)

I know this is suppose to be in a support section, but I'm not sure where to place it. Please move to appropriate section if necessary.

I normally hibernate my PC before going to bed & work. Everything worked fine on SQLite DB Browser Portable until this morning when I woke PC from hibernation. It seemed to have crashed & it cannot be found in anywhere on the system. Nothing in the taskbar & nothing in Task Manager either.

I tried to re-run the App with Start & it says the program is already running (which it's clearly not) so I'm unable to eject my USB at this point.

I have also read the topic about false positives from AV's. As VirusTotal states, Jiangmin shows it as Adware. Many people have mentioned Jiangmin reports FP's regularly.


Surprisingly, even Malwarebytes is reporting as Malware.AI.

Malwarebytes Scanning

I guess the best thing I can think of is Resetting PC & then ejecting the USB after that.

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