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VLC Portable unable to open piped input

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VLC Portable unable to open piped input

Hello, I'm trying to use VLC Portable with streamlink. Streamlink works by redirecting a video stream from a website like YouTube/Twitch/etc and redirects it to a video player using stdin or named pipes.

I'm trying to use it with VLC Portable and I get the error "Cannot open MRL fd://0". fd://0 in this instance refers to the standard input. This works without any issues on the non-portable VLC downloaded from VideoLan's website. I'm using this in Windows 10 and haven't tested other portable app versions of VLC.

You should be able to test and confirm this issue without streamlink just by running the command that does something similar to this one on your system:

cat somefile.mpg | vlcportable.exe

edited to add: streamlink has an option to also pass the video using http instead of pipes, and that does work with VLC Portable. I just wanted to report this bug as it seemed like it's probably a simple fix and might cause issues for other users.

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Command Line Pass-Through

All PA.c Launchers (the VLCPortable.exe helper that helps it be portable) support command line pass-through. They'll also pass on the environment variables to the sub-process. Nothing else will be passed through. In the case of VLC, it's called like so:

vlc.exe --vlm-conf "%PAL:DataDir%\settings\vlcrc" --no-plugins-cache --config

Anything you pass to VLCPortable.exe will be appended to that.

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