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YOU have no IDEA of what your APPS have made possible for me

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YOU have no IDEA of what your APPS have made possible for me

I have a brain injury and remembering things is sometimes a problem for me I have used your APPS on and off for awhile now after my injury i could no longer work so i started learning how to put computers together I live on my SSI checks so most of the stuff i have was picked up on the curb it took me awhile to be able to buy parts for my own build but i was able to make a pretty good computer. Every time I had a problem with my scrap curb
computers i could usually find what I need to fix the problem I could find in your software. the only reason i have not Donated before is because i live on a fixed income but I think I will have to give something back so when I get paid this next month I will give something it may not be much But I Believe in what yall are doing and thank you!!!!

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You're Welcome, Donations, Spread The Word

You're welcome. I'm glad it's been helping you out. Don't worry about donating if it's a strain for you. We're open source and free as well as pay what you want and what you're able. You can help us out in other ways, like spreading the word to friends or to your customers, too. Smile

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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you dont know how much you

you dont know how much you have motivated me man ! sharing your experience made my day.


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