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Encyption of thunderbird data?

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Encyption of thunderbird data?

Is there a way to encypt the thunderbird folder whilst still retain the portablity of it.

If so what would be the best thing to use?

I like the idea of having my email & client on my flashdrive so I can use a full featured client instead of relying on webmail, also being able to re-read emails offline is usefull, however im a bit concerned should i lose my flashdrive someone could find it and read the emails
Which is why id like to use some form of encyption/password protection if possible.

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Sure, there is. I use Truecrypt to create an encrypted area on my USB key. I keep anything I wish to hide in the event of a loss in there, including Thunderbird, Miranda, and some other personal documents.

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Do not mention TC without

Do not mention TC without noting that it requires admin privileges to mount a virtual drive.


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