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SMPlayer - Possible Issue with INI File when Installed and Run on Drive C

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SMPlayer - Possible Issue with INI File when Installed and Run on Drive C

This is a continuation of my postings regarding a problem with custom settings not being retained, encountered while testing the app for single instance issue, see the topic here:

While still this not being a real issue for me, and non-existent for the majority of users, I guess, I've decided to make this separate topic just to share my later findings, as I was able to narrow the problem to the core app from the publisher, with a reservation that it might be occurring only on my system.

My system in short: Windows 8.1 (Home), 64-bit; Account type: Local Account Administrator, Standard, as opposed to true Administrator; No antivirus program installed.

During my initial tests, re single instance, I noticed a trouble with the "smplayer.ini" file not being populated properly, and further, with changes not being written to it at all.

This was in the latest version 20.6.0, installed in the default location:

Interestingly, the first version from PortableApps, 0.6.9, installed in the same way, does not have this problem, related to the "smplayer.ini" file.

Later on, it just occurred to me that I should test the app installed on a different drive than the default "C". So, instead, I installed it in a similar directory, on another partition:

And, to my surprise the app behaved as it should, without any described problems.

So, I needed to do more tests with different installations to narrow the problem.

To make the story short, after several tests, I found that the problem, on my system, only occurs when installing and running the 32-bit editions, from PAc or publisher, and only on the C:\ drive. I had not any problems with a 64-bit edition, available only from the publisher.

In addition, I found that the problem with 32-bit editions on drive C:\ can be prevented by running them with elevated rights, as Administrator.