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how to launch a document

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john errington
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how to launch a document

I'd like to have a document that describes my portable apps - lets say called "helpfile" - launch directly from the platform in the same way that apps do.
At present I have an html document in "documents" - but it requires a lot of actions;
in platform "documents" - opens explorer to documents folder - find the right document - double click - opens in edge.
Ideally I want a single click "help" to open the document - such as in a pop-up box.

Considered stickies etc but I dont want anything staying resident, nor a word processor / notepad etc that has lots of functions - just a simple text message to the screen.

Any ideas?

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Launch directly from the platform in the same way that apps do.

Hi John,
Being meaning to write this for a while.
(MD5: 7aecfd144ba3bb50d7f2ef2b735d58d5)
This points to RunAppWithArg_1.0.0.0_English.paf.exe which, when installed and run, via an INI file can be configured to do what you want.
See it's help.html for details

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