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Vocaloid Portable?

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Vocaloid Portable?

Now we have Vocaloid 3 Tiny Editor but that version is lost forever in Vocaloids Website Servers

Please reply if anyone can make Vocaloid 4 Editor Portable cause im trying to do it but im getting errors too much when trying to do it
If so then that would be very apreciated
i also just joined today so yeah please welcome me to here

Gord Caswell
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Commercial, permission required

Welcome here.

This software is commercial software. We would require explicit written permission from the software publisher to be able to consider making the software portable.
Based on what I've seen on the publisher's website, this is unlikely to occur.

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I know this comment might be

I know this comment might be too late, but Tiny Vocaloid 3 Editor comes with the purchase of a voice bank. If you (not recommended) download a rip of a disc that includes the Tiny Vocaloid 3 Editor, you can use it through that.

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