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PicsX4 Application Request

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PicsX4 Application Request

*Application Name: PicsX4

*Application Category: Games

*Google Play Store Category: Puzzle

*Short description: PicsX4 is a simple yet addictive 4 pics one word game with brain cracking levels and a nice user interface

*Full description PicsX4 is a 4 pics one-word game where you try to find a particular word that is common to the four given pictures. The challenge becomes harder with each new level. The available letters are shown at the bottom of the screen. The letters need to be added manually. It is possible to get a hint or ask a friend for help and both require a coin currency. Hints include exposing a letter, removing letters, and solving the question right away.

*Hi-res icon:


*Requires: Android Android 5.0.0+

*Apk link:

*Ads: No

*Promo Youtube Video:


*Contact Email:

Gord Caswell
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Windows only

Sorry, we only package Windows applications.
As this application is for Android only, we are unable to package it.

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