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Portacle Portable 1.4 Dev Test 1

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Portacle Portable 1.4 Dev Test 1

Application: Portacle
Category: Utilities

Portacle is a complete IDE for Common Lisp that you can take with you on a USB stick.


    The following software packages are included in Portacle:

  • Emacs
    Emacs is a very flexible and extensible editor that has been around for a long time. Due to its history and huge community, it is capable of covering pretty much any area of programming and more.

    Bundled with Emacs are some very useful packages, the major ones being Slime, Magit, and Company.

  • SBCL
    SBCL is one of the fastest and most capable Lisp implementations available today.
  • Quicklisp
    Quicklisp is the standard Lisp package manager that allows you to retrieve and manage over a thousand libraries with a few keystrokes.
  • Git
    Git is perhaps the most widely used version control system today. It allows you to manage changes in code over small and large projects fast and efficiently.

Download Portacle Portable 1.4 Development Test 1 [76.6MB download / 723MB installed]
(MD5: 31b251a82b6292f2e44086b3ed817c6e)