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Firefox Portable version 83 recognised as version 78

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Firefox Portable version 83 recognised as version 78

Hi all, had a quick look around support forums / Google / DDG but can't seem to find others having a similar problem.

I'm using the latest portable versionof Firefox (83). Under Help > About Firefox, it identifies itself as Firefox 83.0 (64-bit). However when I log onto Shopify, they identify my browser as Firefox 78 and recommend an update. I then check some of those 'What's my browser?' websites which also identify it as FIrefox 78. They however also incorrectly identify my OS as Windows 10 when it's 7, so go figure.

Lastly, I am running Firefox Portable alongside an older Firefox version, but it is version 75, so this issue doesn't seem to be as a result of any crossed wires.

Anyone else have the Firefox Portable browser incorrectly labelled as a different version?