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schockwave wont install cuz of PFF folder rename...

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schockwave wont install cuz of PFF folder rename...

I think.. Smile

I am having some problems recently on my web site displaying some flash/shockwave files produced by the gallery software "Porta". IE version 7 displays everything fine.

I have PFF version I went to Adobe/Macromedia site using PFF and on the test page it showed Shockwave was not installed. When I tried to install it, it said finished and installed, but upon closing that window, an error windows message said :

windows cannot find U:\PORTAB~1\APP\FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE

As I remember, when I upgraded and installed PFF V2.0.0.3, I first tried to install over old version. When I brought FF back up it was still at old version. I retried this several time and no luck, so... I renamed old FF folder and installed FF V2 under a new folder name I believe. FF V2 works fine now. When I search the registry for the above error message, it appears several times there. And at Shockwave site it says I am still not installed..