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Winaero Tweaker


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Winaero Tweaker is portable

Winaero Tweaker is portable bij it self.


Extract to some folder.

Edit SilentSetup.cmd

in last line :%SetupApp% /SP- /VERYSILENT /PORTABLE /DIR="c:\wt_portable" remove : in the begining

in line %SetupApp% /SP- /VERYSILENT add : in the begging of that line

save it

run cmd file, there you have portable tweaker Smile

btw most programs can be pertable bij it self, no need for portableapps

i see they even made portableapp for CPU-Z Biggrin

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>btw most programs can be pertable bij it self, no need for portableapps<

for me this means you did not understand what means portable yet

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Unfortunately this didn't

Unfortunately this didn't work for me. I edited the SilentSetup.cmd file just as you suggested, but when I ran that file, it opened the installer which then asked for admin access. Is there another way to do it?

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Winaero Tweaker is portable

If you instead edit the last line to this
%SetupApp% /SP- /VERYSILENT /PORTABLE /DIR="%~dp0\wt_portable"

a directory called wt_portable will be created in the same directory as where the setup file is located. Instead of adding it to the root of C:
Ie: C:\wt_portable

Also, if you've done it correct, after a short while there will be a request for UAC elevation, click ok and the setup is extracted.

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