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Does anyone know a way to completely remove the Navigation Bar (aka URL address bar) in Google Chrome?

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Does anyone know a way to completely remove the Navigation Bar (aka URL address bar) in Google Chrome?

1.) I did some research online and I saw that at one time you could go to "about:flags" and then set "Compact Navigation" to true. But it was an experimental feature and Google Chrome got rid of it, so that is a no go.

2.) Another method is to use the Fullscreen presentation (F11) but I don't want to use Google Chrome in fullscreen. And I also don't want to download "shortcuts" and open up my website in some app mode. This was a thing a long time ago, but I never used it. I just want to use the browser as-is, but with the Navigation Bar hidden.

Basically there is a webcam model website that I like to visit. When I click on a models webcam, it opens up in a new window. I sometimes have the new window(s) sized at 1100x894, but most of the time I have all the model webcam windows sized at 250x212. With the URL address bar visible, it looks ugly and also hides a lot of video screen content.

The simple fix was to use a browser like Firefox and then make changes to the userChrome.css file to remove the Navigation Bar. At first, I used Waterfox Portable to do that. But Waterfox Portable is a vastly inferior browser compared to Firefox Portable. If I had just one webcam open, it would freeze infrequently, nothing to be too upset about. But if I had two webcams open, it would freeze a lot more. And I could forget about having my own webcam open. But in Firefox Portable, I could open up dozens of webcams and run my webcam at the same time, no problem. I wish that Google Chrome also had a userChrome.css file, but as far as I know they don't have anything like that.

So then I got rid of Waterfox Portable, and decided to continue using Firefox Portable as my main browser (with Navigation Bar visible) and then install Firefox (full install) and have the Navigation Bar hidden on that one and jut use the Firefox (full install) to view the webcams. This works on one of my laptops. But on my other laptop, I can't even pin Firefox Portable to the Taskbar unless it is installed on my C: drive. If I install it on my G: drive, which is my USB Flash Drive, it won't let me pin Firefox Portable to the Taskbar. Which is a real headache. But not only that, I think that it would be nice if I used two different browsers. Firefox Portable as my main browser, and some other equally fast and speedy browser for the webcam website (with Navigation Bar hidden). Google Chrome seems as good as any, and is even available as a portable browser. Plus I am familiar with it. I just don't know how to completely get rid of the Navigation Bar in it. I am really hoping that it is possible and that someone out there knows of a way, that doesn't involve creating app shortcuts, using Fullscreen Presentation, or using some about:flags settings that don't exist anymore.