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Define directories to search for PA apps?

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Define directories to search for PA apps?

After using the PA apps for over a decade, keeping them updated has become tedious so I decided to finally take a look at the Platform app. But I cannot find anywhere in the config where I can tell it where to look for my Portable Apps.

After reading the support page for it and some other forum posts, I think I have determined that the apps must be in the "PortableApps" sub-directory in the Platform's directory. On a side note, this isn't really made clear anywhere, maybe add a line on the support page.

I'm assuming this feature is what the "Feature Addition: Scanning multiple directories for apps, opinions sought" sticky is about?

Are there any workarounds/hacks to get the Platform to scan specific directories? I have tried adding shortcuts to the individual Portable App directories in the Platform's PortableApps directory, but this didn't work.

For reference, I have a single Apps directory (D:\Apps) with all my portable apps in (not just PortableApps ones, but any app I can run portably, and also non-portables I have made portable with the PA specification) and I installed the Platform into D:\Apps\PortableApps. I don't want to move all my PA apps into the Platform's sub-directory because then I'd have two locations for my apps (PA and non-PA), I'd like to simplify, not complicate.