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Finding a way to let the Apps clean up after a crash without having to start them again

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Finding a way to let the Apps clean up after a crash without having to start them again

Good day everyone,

I run into this problem quite often since my pc will crash or the apps wont shut down properly when i shut down my pc.
i read on the support page ( that there is no easy way to fix the problem.

I know my way around python and batch scripting, so im wondering if there isnt a way to build a wrapper application that will check if the Portable App will need to clean up and in that case running it in the background, letting it clean up and then running it again for the user.

So this gives me a couple of questions:

How can you check if an app didnt close properly? I believe there used to be an entry in the App's .ini file that's in the app's folder, but i cant find it now.

Is there a way to call the app, perhaps with a command line argument, telling it to clean up if neccessary or otherwise do nothing and exit the program? Because in its present form you seem to have to click the OK button for it to do its job. I dont know if it would be possible to automate that in an easy and efficient way.

If these behaviours are not implemented, i dont think it would require a major rewrite of the software to integrate them. Then at least there would be a workaround for tech-savvy users, or even the possibility to roll something like this out for everyone. Am i mistaken in thinking that?

Thanks so much to everyone who's helped develop the platform! I love it and use it everyday. I think its what Windows should do out of the box. Im certainly considering donating, especially if someone puts in the time to help fix this issue!

Another way to solve it might be to run a background application that checks whether the AppNamePortable.exe is terminated within a minute or two of being started, and then starts it again. That way you dont have to go through your list and pick out the programs you need. I have a lot of apps that will be started automatically when i launch the platform, so thats quite a bit of work.

Im looking forward to your replies!