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[Fixed] Libre Office Still 4.0.7. Fails to install with PortableAppsUpdater

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[Fixed] Libre Office Still 4.0.7. Fails to install with PortableAppsUpdater

Over the past week PortableApps updater has attempted to install Libre Office Still 7.0.4 (LOS704) at least seven times.

The process is as follows:

  1. PortableApps Updater runs and downloads LOS704 & other pending apps (which all install properly).
  2. For LOS704 it downloads the file once,
  3. and then re-downloads it again
  4. on the second attempt after a successful download it spawns an error message and fails as follows:


Superficially it seems to be something in the LOS704 file that is corrupted as no other app is demonstrating this behavior. I have not attempted to download the update directly and manually install as I am in no rush to update but was interested if anyone else has had this experience?

Meanwhile later in the day: I did actually go back and directly download the PAF for LOS704 and installed it. It seems to be OK. I also attempted another PotableApps update on another Win10 machine and found the same failure.

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I neglected to update the hash of the Multilingual Standard release for the new version. It's updated now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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