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Distant Desktop

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Distant Desktop

The free, portable remote desktop software for business and personal use.

With Distant Desktop you can access and manage computers from anywhere in the world. No installation or registration required.

Everything is extremely simple: download the application to your computer and to the computer you intend to control. Write down your unique ID and password and use this data to establish a remote desktop connection.

Key features:
- Remote desktop control with mouse and keyboard.
- Possibility of several connections at the same time. This applies to both the managing and the controlled side.
- File transfer between connected computers.
- Text chat. Send your messages to your partners using integrated chat.
- Voice communication with a remote user.
- Demo mode. When enabled, the incoming connections are allowed, but remote control of your pc is blocked. This mode is designed for presentations and online lessons.
- Free for commercial and personal use. No hidden limitations.

Distant Desktop is a fast and secure solution for users who need to access their PCs remotely. The program will be useful for system administrators and remote workers. It can be used for remote technical support, as well as for online presentations and lessons.

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New Version 3.4

What's new in version 3.4:
* Customization and re-branding.
* Option to show remote cursor.
* Fixed text copying bug.

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PA.c Format Only

You can only promote apps here if they are in PA.c Format. Are you interested in setting this up?

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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